2017 Finalists

We are excited to announce the finalists of the 2017 Red City Review Book Awards.


Genre Finalists

General Fiction

  • Path of the Avenger by Bob Giel
  • Morgan 512 by H.C. Schaffer
  • What the Clocks Know by Rumer Haven

Historical Fiction

  • Sagahawk by the Sea by John F. Bronzo
  • Revenge at Dealey Plaza by William E. Dempsey
  • The Rockaway Boys and Maggie by Don Kellin

Literary Fiction

  • The After War: Part 1: To Alice by Brandon Zenner
  • The Illusion by Patrick Garry
  • The Investment Club by Doug Cooper

Science Fiction

  • Strain of Resistance: Book 1 by Michelle Bryan
  • Shift by Aaron Thom
  • Somewhere Called Now by Daniel Cowan


  • What It Took by Mercedes Guy
  • Solstice – Black Moon Rising by John Blenkush
  • Dark Stories for the Mind: Eternity’s Diner by Keith Starblue


  • Black Cherry by Henrietta D. Elmore-Smith
  • Logan’s Leap by Wendell Scarberry
  • Phase by James West


  • Dark Money by Larry Thompson
  • Big Flies by Keith Hirshland
  • The Curse of Lost River Canyon by Mark Zeug


  • The Scary Hair of Sarah O’Shea by Sharon Feldt
  • Chatur and the Enchanted Jungle by Subhash Kommuru
  • What Would JeeMin Do: Anti-Bully Series by Lori and Matthew Brown

Young Adult

  • A Moment in the Sun by Tory Gates
  • Eleven Days by Michael Crump
  • Rex: Paired Part One by Renee Phoenix


  • Disinheritance by John Williams
  • Pathways by Madelyn Edelson and Dency Kane
  • Riding By by Gerald Harris


  • A Child of Royalty by Diana Ketterman
  • Infinitely More by J. Francisco
  • Speed Bumps and Angels by Cherie Kirby Hill Wren


  • 7 Paths to Lasting Happiness by Elia Gourgouris
  • My Writer’s Sampler by Marie Brack
  • On The Monster’s Back by Robert D. Lamson

Spiritual Christian

  • June Rain by Brandon Knightley
  • The Gills Creek Five by Greg M. Dodd
  • The Change Agent: From 30,000 Feet by Bruce Barcomb


Content Finalists

Best Book Cover

  • The Olympian Legacy by Christopher Dean
  • First Contact: Strings Attached by Paul J. Nelson, J.D.

Best Book Synopsis

  • Countenance by Joy Ross Davis
  • After Midnight by A. Martin

Best Book Design

  • Verklempt by Peter Sichrovsky
  • Building 8 by Anthony Mazzella

Best Characters

  • No Greater Freedom by Tom Edwards
  • To Be The Best by H.L. Hertel

Most Original Concept

  • First Contact: Strings Attached by Paul Nelson
  • The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods by Pat Camalliere

Most Promising Series

  • The Fourth Piece by E. Ardell
  • Zodiac Saga 1 by Kaitlyn McKnight

Best Debut Novel

  • Where the Fulcrum Lies by Matt Lakes
  • Decoys by Kenneth Tetzel

Best Author Website

  • Kipjo Ewers
  • J. Steven Young

Best Social Media

  • Dakota Willink
  • LaDonna Marie

Fan Favorite

  • Dark Money by Larry Thompson
  • Gus the Garden Dragon by J. Steven Young

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