2018 Finalists


We are excited to announce the finalists of the 2018 Red City Review Book Awards!


Genre Finalists

General Fiction

  • From Pittsburgh to Cadíz—What’s the Difference? by Mitchell McGrady
  • The Second Cortez by Chadwick Wall
  • Farewell the Dragon by Lee Barckmann
  • Around the Block by Sue Keslar

Literary Fiction/Poetry

  • The Fearful Lion by Almas Akhtar
  • Fate Rides On Clouds by Richard Durand
  • The Arithmetic of the Heart by Alexej Savreux

Historical Fiction

  • Coattails & Cocktails by Rumer Haven
  • A Buss from Lafayette by Dorothea Jensen
  • The Honourable Catherine by Tom Edwards

Science Fiction

  • The Zodiac Saga #1 by Kaitlin McKnight
  • The Bit Dance by Tilmer Wright
  • Pillars of the Mortal Monarchies by Ryan London


  • The Speaker by Andi O’Connor
  • The Last Odinian by Alec Arbogast
  • What Goes On In the Walls at Night by Andrew Schrader


  • Ghostworld: The Passer Series II by Robin Christophersen
  • Fred & Mary by Kipjo Ewers


  • White Witch by Larry Thompson
  • Slaughter of the Innocent by John Nolan
  • Don Quixote Goes to Yale by Eytan Halaban


  • Poor Teddy by Lisa DePriest
  • My Uncle Ate My Caterpillar by Amie Guzzardi
  • Precious, the Pink Elephant by Carolyn Ramsey-Williams

Young Adult

  • The Wanderings of Chela Coatlicue by Ananda Esteva
  • Live from the Cafe by Tory Gates
  • Aging Out by L. Lee Shaw
  • Curses of Scale by S.D. Reeves

Middle Grade

  • Daisy, Bold & Beautiful by Ellie Collins
  • The Case of the Brown, Scraggly Dog by Janice Spina


  • From Barefoot to Stilettos: Finding My Yes by Marie Pizano
  • The Silver Lining: Encounters with Angels by Gretchen Walker
  • Driving In Reverse: The Life I Almost Missed by Lindsay Wincherauk


  • Gather & Make by Genevieve Layman
  • The Writer’s Crucible: Meditations on Emotion, Being, and Creativity by Philip Kenney
  • Words of Life by T. L. Montgomery


Content Finalists

Best Book Cover

  • Digging Up New Business: The Swiftpad Takeover by Lee Barckmann
  • Remote Control by Chris McGrath
  • The Fearful Lion by Almas Akhtar

Best Book Synopsis

  • Felony by Norma Wyman
  • Deep Desert Deception by Gary George
  • Curses of Scale by S.D. Reeves

Best Book Design/Artwork

  • Gather & Make by Genevieve Layman
  • Sarah’s Shadow by Nick Jones
  • Enchanting Mandala Mazes by Elizabeth Carpenter

Best Characters

  • Coattails & Cocktails by Rumer Haven
  • Gus and the Winter Sprite by J. Steven Young
  • Diary of a Witch’s Son by Oksana Leslie

Most Original Concept

  • This Was Never About Basketball by Craig Leener
  • The Judicial Course of the Protected Statement by Talin Tasciyan
  • Kindness in a Scary World by Rebecca Hubbard

Most Promising Series

  • Legacy of the Sentinels (The Anmorian Legends, Book 2) by Dhesan Pillay
  • Gillie Can Share (Gillie Can, Book 1) by Sarah-Leigh Wills
  • Mr. Hoopeyloops and His Amazing Glass (Explore Artists, Book 1) by Andi Cann, Illustrated by Fabrice Bertolotto

Best Debut Novel

  • From Pittsburgh to Cadíz—What’s the Difference? by Mitchell McGrady
  • Enter: The Champion by Erik Welchoff
  • The Unremarkable Circumstances of Inmate 17656-090 by Sage Webb

Best Author Website

  • Marie Pizano
  • Sage Webb

Best Social Media

  • Rumer Haven
  • S.D. Reeves

Fan Favorite

  • The Sacristan by Dr. Napoli Fiatro
  • Redirect by Jeffrey Millhollin
  • Once in a while in Philadelphia by Ron Neumer


Winners to be announced in September!