A Prophecy Fulfilled (Book 3 in The Vaelinel Trilogy) by Andi O’Connor

★★★★★  A Prophecy Fulfilled by Andi O’Connor is the final book in The Vaelinel Trilogy. Once again, Princess Irewen and her comrades find themselves in harm’s way. After spotting frightening dark smoke billowing in the distance, they decide to travel to the city of Lilendvelle in order to assist those they assume are in trouble. However, this selfless desire to help others puts them in great danger. Upon arriving in Lilendvelle, Irewen and company must fight for their lives after a massive Drulaack army attacks them ruthlessly. The unexpected battle results in Irewen being captured. Brendell bravely steps up to lead the effort to rescue the princess, and there is no time to waste. Irewen’s comrades must put their heads together to find a way to save the princess—and the entire world—from complete destruction.

A dramatic and satisfying conclusion to O’Connor’s epic trilogy, A Prophecy Fulfilled takes readers on a wild ride. O’Connor is a skilled writer, and her descriptive scenes connect readers deeply with the characters and the difficulties they face. Additionally, the use of abundant, seamlessly immersive dialogue throughout sets A Prophecy Fulfilled apart from other fantasy books and makes the entire reading experience a pleasure. Beyond the high-quality writing, the battle to free Irewen is no simple task for her companions, which gives the storyline both excitement and intrigue. And, although she’s imprisoned during the battle against the Drulaack army, Irewen remains a strong female character throughout the story, a notable and bright feature of this dark trilogy.

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