A World Worth Seeing by Brian Nelson

★★★★  A World Worth Seeing by Brian Nelson is a tantalizing teaser of a book for fans of international travel. The author has been to numerous countries all around the world, many of which readers are not likely to have encountered in standard atlases. Beginning with a brief overview of Nelson’s own travel tips, rooted in his experiences abroad (both good and bad), the author then launches on a whirlwind tour of nearly every place he has visited in his lifetime. From the Americas to Australia to Africa to a whole host of island nations, readers will be left with the unique sense that the world is much smaller—and accessible—than most people believe it to be.

Nelson is a first-class traveler—not in the sense that he jets around the world in luxury airliners, but that he really knows how to handle himself overseas. It comes across effortlessly in his writing, this hard-won worldliness that can only be gathered after many years abroad. One might expect all of these experiences to have gone to Nelson’s head, but the author demonstrates a remarkable humility throughout his book. He travels simply because he can and he wants to (as his brother once put it), and there’s no reason to go into it any further. Readers will want to take notes as they devour this informal travel guide, marking the countries that pique their interest as they travel from continent to continent with the author.

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