The Anmorian Legends: Legacy of the Sentinels by D. N. Pillay

★★★★★             In this sequel to The Anmorian Legends: Wrath of the Exiled, the great journey of Rezaaran Valhara continues. Eager to get redemption against Thaedis Silvermire, the tyrant of the Obsidian Dominion who caused his demise, Rezaaran sets out to conquer evil and reclaim freedom for all. It’s made immediately apparent that this will not be a simple endeavor and that Rezaaran will face an uphill battle. He must first and foremost forgive himself for his wrongdoings that contributed to his dire situation and hurt others in the process. Only when Rezaaran gains the emotional and mental strength to fight will he be able to formulate a plan to bring the strongest Sentinels back to life in order to join his team. For it is solely with the help of the once powerful Sentinels that Rezaaran can defeat Thaedis’ dark rule.

D. N. Pillay is a skilled and experienced storyteller capable of creating intriguing and intricate worlds. In The Anmorian Legends: Legacy of the Sentinels, Pillay wastes no time pulling the reader back into the universe he introduced in volume one. This sequel opens up with Rezaaran recovering consciousness, realizing his grave position, and expressing his strong desire for revenge. A notable quality of Pillay’s writing is the poetic way he creates scenes. The eloquent, detailed descriptions that he uses throughout makes each setting as clear as day. One beautiful passage, for example, reads “Desiccated wall-crawling plants festooned the ruins, and barren trees broke the uniformity of the razed buildings.” This beautiful, perfectly vivid imagery keeps the reader turning page after page.

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