Betty’s Eternity’s Diner by Keith Starblue

★★★★   In Betty’s Eternity’s Diner by Keith Starblue, a twenty-year-old hippie from 1969 New York City stumbles into a deserted diner after a brief game of cat-and-mouse with the cops. Betty is greeted by an old woman behind the counter who, oddly enough, tells her the only item they have on the menu is apple pie. But that’s not the only thing—the old lady reveals that she is Betty herself from the future! Young Betty is given the offer to take over the diner and to travel anywhere she wants within a one-hundred-year span from 1919 to 2018. Overwhelmed by her desire to help spread love and peace, she embraces the opportunity and becomes the new owner of Eternity’s Diner. Before she goes anywhere, though, she’ll have to find someone who can teach her how to make apple pie!

Rich with raw, realistic dialogue, Betty’s Eternity’s Diner is a dreamy journey into one girl’s life—or lives, rather. As anyone might guess, a time-traveling diner comes with its own unique set of problems, and Starblue sets his character Betty on a truly unpredictable path of self-discovery. The longer she stays at the diner, the more she learns about its true purpose and the mystery of its creation, which opens up the story neatly and kaleidoscopically, a little bit at a time. Though plots involving time-travel can often be confusing, which is certainly part of their charm, Betty’s Eternity’s Diner never feels overwhelming. The reveals are rolled out with great care, giving readers the chance to reacclimate after every twist and turn.

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