Gazelle in the Shadows by Michelle Peach

Rating: ★★★★

RCR Says: “Michelle Peach brings Syrian culture and cityscapes to life with her descriptions and characters. The reader can feel Elizabeth’s excitement and nervousness as she encounters new people, places, and foods.”

The Fearful Lion by Almas Akhtar

Rating: ★★★

RCR Says:Akhtar has created likable characters, and by developing their story arcs more dynamically, she could have made their struggles more deeply felt by the reader.”

The Medium of Desire by Alex McGlothlin

Rating: ★★★★★

RCR Says: “Though the novel’s tone comes across a bit nihilistic at times, its ultimate message, strengthened by a sprinkling of colorful and generally optimistic supporting characters, is that life’s beauty is better enjoyed with someone you love by your side.”


A Buss from Lafayette by Dorothea Jensen

Rating: ★★★★

RCR Says: “The book is a coming-of-age tale centered on the main character Clara’s self-consciousness about her bright red hair, her growing up and needing to act more lady-like, and her gradual acceptance of her stepmother Priscilla.”

Snow City by G. A. Kathryns

Rating: ★★★★

RCR Says: “While certain questions go unanswered, ‘Snow City’ is weighty enough to stand on its own, and it illuminates human themes like family and mortality with unusual delicacy and compassion.”