The Separation by Thomas Duffy

Rating: ★★★★

RCR Says: “It’s nearly impossible for the reader not to feel Finn’s pain as he wrestles with the knowledge that…those in power willingly lied to him for so many years.”

The First Genesis by Kipjo Ewers

Rating: ★★★★

RCR Says: “Ewers has built up a truly intriguing cast of characters, establishing a world where becoming a superhuman isn’t always a choice—but becoming a superhero is.”

Fred & Mary by Kipjo K. Ewers

Rating: ★★★★

RCR Says: “Ewers’ book highlights the importance of forgiveness and reminds readers that moving on doesn’t mean forgetting one’s past.”

Curses of Scale by S.D. Reeves

Rating: ★★★★★

RCR Says: “This is a tale that is more concerned with the journey than with the destination, taking its protagonist (and the reader) on a riotous jaunt through mortal minds, fairyland mists, and everything in between.”