Enter: The Champion by Erik L. Welchoff

★★★★ Enter: The Champion by Erik L. Welchoff is an epic science fiction novel that follows the adventures of Anton Seven as he grows as a Warrior and fights to save the universe from evil forces. Anton Seven is a genetically modified Warrior who was designed to be the strongest and most intelligent human. When he is assigned to protect the village of Tooloo, he is confronted by the humanity of the people living there. Anton is able to gain their trust, and by helping them fight against the forces destroying their village, he experiences something that no Warrior has ever had—emotion. But just when Anton is starting to feel at home with Tooloo and the villagers, he is forced away and must travel across the universe. He must give everything he has to fight against the evil trying to take control while also battling the tragedies of his past and the fellow warriors he has lost. As Anton begins to understand the power of the universe’s creator and his connected destiny, will he be able to save those that he loves from the evil regime trying to create havoc? If he does win, how long will the peace last?

Welchoff has created an incredibly detailed universe, one that is full of human connections, battles, love, and grief. It is truly an epic story that takes twists and turns as the true power behind the world is revealed. The plot is so detailed and expertly planned out that the novel could even benefit from being broken down into two separate installments. Anton is a hero that the reader can root for as he figures out his place in the world and fully realizes the strength of his power. The religious overtones are a bit jarring within the plot itself, but are still well explained so that they complexity and depth to the storyline. Welchoff is only beginning to tell us about Anton’s journey. For readers who have a taste for adventure, Enter: The Champion is the perfect novel to dive into—and then eagerly await the next installment.

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