How can I get my book reviewed by Red City Review?

By signing up for a review on our review page.

Or, by entering the Red City Review Book Awards.

How much does it cost to get a Red City Review?

Our reviews are only $40.

To enter our contest and receive a review, it is only $60. However, if you have previously submitted a book to us for review and would like to submit that same book for inclusion in our contest, then the entry fee is a reduced $20. Please email us at redcityreview@gmail.com for a special link.

Do you accept physical submissions?

Yes, we do accept physical submissions, though we vastly prefer digital submissions. If you do not have your manuscript available in a digital format, please let us know and we will provide a physical address for you to mail your manuscript directly to the reviewer. (Please note that this is done at your own expense.)

How long does it take to get my review once I’ve submitted?

You will receive your book review within one to two months from the day your book is received. Turnaround time depends on the volume of pending reviews.

If you have entered our Book Awards, you will receive your book review within two months after your book has been received.

Why should I get my book reviewed by Red City Review?

Getting a review from professional book reviewer is proven to help your book gain recognition, and it often boosts the sales of your book as well. Most professional book reviewing companies only review independent or self-published books for a very high fee. That’s why Red City Review was created—as an alternative for authors to receive an affordable literary review for their work.

Where can I see sample Red City Reviews?

Read some of the reviews we have written here.

What do authors have to say about Red City Review?

Check out the great feedback we’ve received from authors who have used our services by clicking here.

Where will my Red City Review be posted?

Once your book review has been completed, the review will be emailed to you. The review will be posted on our website, our social media accounts, and any other site where your book is available. We can also post the review on sites such as Barnes & Noble and Smashwords, and to Amazon’s Editorial Reviews section of your book’s product page. You are also more than welcome to include the review on your personal website or blog, or anywhere else you see fit. We cannot, however, post reviews under Amazon’s Customer Reviews section or to Goodreads, as this is a violation of these websites’ terms and conditions.

Who will be reviewing my book?

Our team of reviewers consists of editors, English professors, librarians, and people who work at various publishing companies all across the nation. All of our reviewers are well-read individuals who are highly talented writers with a passion for reading.

Will my book get a positive review?

Here at Red City Review, we do not promise that your book will get a five star review, but we always make sure to mention the strengths of the book, as well as what could be improved. We rate our books on a star system from 1–5. We won’t post any reviews that are lower than three stars unless we first receive permission from the author to do so.

What kinds of books do you review?

We review all kinds of books, including, but not limited to: fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, poetry, and how-to.

Can you review my book if it has not yet been published?

We are more than happy to review your work, even if it is a manuscript. Sometimes, authors want to get a professional opinion of their work before they have it published. We are happy to read and review these unpublished works. And if you like our review, you are more than welcome to include it in the printed edition of your book!

Can I send you a physical copy of my book if I don’t have a digital copy?

Yes. Please send your book to: 277 Menahan St. Apt 3R, Brooklyn NY 11237. Please still make your payment online through our website. The review will be completed within one to two months of receiving the book in the mail.

Can I follow you on social media?

Yes! We would love it if you did! You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These are the sites where we post frequent updates, special offers, and interesting news and articles about the publishing world.

What if I have questions about the Red City Review Book Awards?

Please check out Our Contest page, or read the Official Contest Rules.

What if I can’t find the answer to my question?

Then feel free to ask us! We will be happy to answer your question for you, which you can send to our email at redcityreview@gmail.com.