Fever Rising by K.M. Riley

★★★★  Fever Rising by K.M. Riley is the story of a young man named Kaden and his experiences as a warrior in the games that his government holds regularly.  Much like the gladiators of ancient Rome, warriors in this future society are chosen to fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses and the wealthy elite. The people who fight are chosen based on their tolerance to a chemical known as the Catalyst, which causes fever and enhances various fighting and healing abilities.  Only a few people have blood that is compatible with the Catalyst, as well as one of the three special skills of super-strength, invisibility, or hyper-awareness that will make them suitable warriors for the games.  Eventually, Kaden crosses paths with Cassidy, a woman with all three powers who is from the Wilds.  The Wilds are the untamed, seemingly barren lands in which people are led to believe no one can survive.  Through Cassidy, Kaden learns that there are entire communities of people living in the Wilds outside the ruling of the government.  Eventually, the people of the lower castes, including Cassidy, Kaden and other warriors along with the people of the Wilds, rise up and start a rebellion.

Fever Rising is filled with intricate and suspenseful fight scenes. They are fun to read, and make for page-turning entertainment.  The manner in which the author tells of the rebellion leaves the reader fully engaged, waiting to see whether the government will be overthrown, and wondering what new plans Cassidy and Kaden will come up with to thwart the ruling class and their leader.  While the book is, admittedly, quite violent, it is also incredibly uplifting.  Fever Rising is a captivating tale of hope, strength, and an exciting fight for justice.

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