The Red City Review Book Awards

We are excited to announce the winners, finalists and honorable mentions from our 2014 book award contest! With over 260 entries, it was not an easy task to select which books would be chosen, but nevertheless, the books listed below really caught our attention and deserve to be recognized.


Winner – The Unheralded King of Preston Plains Middle by Jedah Mayberry

FinalistBits ‘N Pieces by Freda Lattimore

Finalist – The House of Three Murders by Gary George

FinalistPort Starbird by Garrett Schanck

FinalistA Wicked Wicked Man by Beryl Byman

Honorable Mention – Control Switch by Leana Delle

Honorable Mention – The Exit Man by Greg Levin

Honorable Mention – Headcase by Marc Rosenberg

Honorable Mention – The Indios by Gloria Javillonar Palileo

Honorable Mention – Justice for the Black Knight by Jerri Blair


Winner – Letting Go Into Perfect Love by Gwendolyn Plano

FinalistCatawampus by Stuart Burkhalter

Finalist Diving for Pearls by Kathleen Jones

Finalist The King of Casinos by Andy Martello

Finalist – Qi Infused Yoga by Brenda Schnable

Honorable Mention – Aunt Phil’s Trunk Volume One by Laurel Bill

Honorable Mention – Good Girls Don’t by Patti Hawn

Honorable Mention – Last Summer With Oscar by Janet Schwartz

Honorable Mention – On the Road to Find Out by Jamie Sloan



Winner – The Oasis of Filth by Keith Soares

FinalistThe Dark Tales of Antler Grove by Rand Inskip

FinalistFor One Nen by Capri Bard

FinalistOne Shot by Tom Conyers

FinalistRaven’s Awakening by Ella Phoenix

Honorable Mention – Come Hell or High Water by Stephen Morris

Honorable Mention – Enigma by Elisa O’Donnell

Honorable Mention – A Shadow of the Light by Teto Peck


Winner Frizzy the S.A.D. Elf by Dorothea Jensen

FinalistA Snail Named Slick by Frank Reed and Aleta Reed

FinalistCoriander Jones Saves the World by Kim English

FinalistSanta Rita Stories by Andrew Rodriguez

FinalistTracer by Michael Cassata

Honorable Mention – Around the World with Littlest Cat by Suki Kaplan

Honorable Mention – The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick


Winner – Rooted in My Seeds by Franklin Bill

FinalistA Love Life Lived by Josh Hart

FinalistCompositions of the Dead Playing Flutes by Barbara Sorensen

FinalistUncollected by Qiana Davis

FinalistWicker Girl by Janna Vought

Honorable Mention – English Speaking Chinese by Can Zheng