From Barefoot to Stilettos: Finding My Yes by Marie Pizano

★★★★★  From Barefoot to Stilettos: Finding My Yes is the continuation of author Marie Pizano’s personal story, detailing what has occurred in her life since the debut of her first book, as well as adding new detail and insight to material she has already covered in her past writing. A true rags-to-riches story, Finding My Yes describes Pizano’s journey from the pits of poverty to the lap of luxury—and then some. She offers humorous and heart-wrenching vignettes and anecdotes to elucidate simple but powerful life lessons, the most significant of which will encourage readers to ignore the haters, bolster their moral backbones, and, ultimately, find their own “yes.”

Pizano’s writing is personable, entertaining, and—most importantly—palatable. So often, autobiographies can be dry, stale, and out of touch with modern readers. But Pizano has proven that her business is staying on top of the cultural pulse, and the way she tells her own story is proof of that hard-won perspective. What’s particularly illuminating about Pizano’s second autobiographical installment is the way it shows how time and new experiences can cast a different light on our lives. Even her description of the events that she has written about previously in It’s Not For Sissies provides new flavor here. Pizano contends that everything that has happened to her since her authorial debut has allowed her to better appreciate the people in her life—including her ex-husband—as well as her take-no-prisoners approach to defending her family, her faith, and her entrepreneurial legacy.