Ghostworld: The Passer Series Book II by Robin Christophersen

★★★★★  After Eleanor Bouchard’s boyfriend Jeremy died, she rightly thought she’d never see him again. But not even death can separate them, as Eleanor’s otherworldly powers start to influence everything around her. Yet the couple’s reunion is short-lived, and Eleanor is left feeling even emptier—and more confused—than before.  Soon, Eleanor discovers that by making contact across the divide, she released another spirit from the afterlife. Together with her friends, she must track the ghost down and return it to its proper resting place. Never an easy task, Eleanor’s job is made harder by lies and deception at every turn—even from her loved ones. With spirits, possession, and a vast conspiracy, it’s impossible to know where this journey will lead Eleanor—but it’s not likely to be anywhere good.

Robin Christophersen returns to the mystery of Ghostworld with the second book in her Passer series. Fans of the first novel will be overjoyed to catch up with familiar faces, including Eleanor’s current boyfriend, Daniel Archer, whose pull on Eleanor’s life has been making things pretty difficult for her lately. There is an understated confidence to Christophersen’s writing that is captivating to experience; she knows exactly how things work in Ghostworld, and she only parcels out just enough information at a time to keep her readers’ interests piqued. In an age where writers of supernatural thrillers seem to be shying away from the ambiguous or the ill-defined, it’s refreshing to read a story in which certain aspects of the world’s lore are kept purposely vague. While many would fear the unknown, Christophersen shows that there’s a beauty to it all its own.

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