Logan’s Leap by Wes Barry

wes★★★★★  Set in the 1920s and spanning until the Spring of 1970, Logan’s Leap tells the story of Jack Logan from the height of his life as a rich New Yorker to his supposed fall from grace and his resulting life in the west which turns out to be much happier than the hand he was originally dealt. As one of the partners in New York’s most prominent law firm, Jack Logan is voted the most eligible bachelor of the year. He has everything he could wish for – women swoon over him, he owns multiple houses, and his life is seemingly one big party. This all comes crumbling apart when it becomes apparent his partner, William Marshall, was swindling money from their clients to pay off big investments he has made. Briefly escaping to Europe, Jack decides to return to America and face the music, only deciding at the last minute to throw himself overboard close to port. Deemed dead by all the major newspapers, Jack is free to take on the new character of Jack McCall, a name chosen from the painted side of a truck he buys to head West. Once out West he throws himself into the heart of small town America, finding friends in the market owner, Doc, and all of his buddies. Enamored by Doc’s daughter, Jack finds himself on endless missions through the Arizona desert in attempts to woo her and eventually save her from the dangerous Krause clan.

At 386 pages, this behemoth of a book is worth its weight in gold. Barry creates characters that draw you into their lives and whisk you into the Great American West with all its dangers and charm. Somewhat sticking to a classic Western genre, Logan’s Leap has all of the stereotypical gun fights and passionate moments, with a couple extra plot twists thrown in there for good measure. The characters go beyond the genre, with the love interest being played by a multidimensional, intelligent, and daring woman. Barry takes the reader on an unforgettable journey with pages that practically turn themselves. The fast pace of the book keeps you wanting more and Barry more than delivers.

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