Lost With No Trail (Book #3, Never Without Her) by Anne C. Maxwell

★★★★★    How far would you go to keep the great love of your life safe? Omar and Elena are faced with that very question in the third and final book in the Never Without Her trilogy, Lost With No Trail. Anne C Maxwell’s beloved couple—Omar, a successful bank CEO, and Elena, an ex-MI6 agent—are whisked away on  another breakneck adventure after they accidentally witness a murder. Kidnapped by members of the mysterious, nefarious Mafia, Elena is forced into sex trafficking. As Omar furiously searches for her, she realizes the horrible men holding her captive have more terrible plans than prostitution. The journey only gets stranger after they reunite but are whisked back to King Charles VII’s court, circa 1438. Their adventures bob and weave throughout space and time, but the one thing holding them together is their unbreakable passion.

Lost With No Trail is accessible to readers even if they’re not familiar with the previous entries in the trilogy. Maxwell is a gifted writer, weaving suspense and drama throughout the novel. The smart and sexy dialogue grounds the plot even as it leaps between present-day Europe and 1438 A.D. The perspective also rotates between Omar and Elena, and though Elena’s experiences are generally more exciting, Maxwell knows the perfect points to toggle between the two characters’ stories. In the end, Omar and Elena’s love story is the perfect read for anyone who is a fan of romance, suspense, historical fiction, or adventure—or all of the above!

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