Love Imperfect by L. Lee Shaw

Love Imperfect is a heartwarming novel about love, loss, and how to let go of the past in order to embrace the future. Colton Williams is a young construction worker who lives with his mom when he is suddenly knocked off his feet by the beautiful Myra Parker, a local artist with a troubled past. Their instant attraction to each other turns into a tender and passionate love that catches both by surprise. As their relationship intensifies, Myra feels an unsustainable tug between her love for Colton and her passion for her work. As she struggles to find her balance, old ghosts come back to haunt the young couple. In order to stay together, Myra and Colton must fight battles both together and apart as their family situations pull them away. Only through their intense love and respect for each other will they be able to overcome their past and create a new future together. 

L. Lee Shaw’s writing is clear and warm. The characters come to life through her descriptions and the character development is strong. She also tackles emotional issues regarding assault, abandonment, and suicide with tact and grace; they are not only plot devices to move the story along, but also moments to enhance the reader’s understanding behind a character’s motives. At times, though, the scenes become a bit too cliche and fall into well-used romance tropes. For example, Myra relies on Colton to process her own transformation, while the author might instead have considered making her independence part of her emotional recovery to strengthen her character’s journey. Nevertheless, Love Imperfect is the “perfect” novel for anyone seeking a tender love story shared between two passionate people.

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