Love Lock: Creating Lasting Connections With the Ones You Love by Rich Rollins and Marty Trammell

★★★★★    Love Lock: Creating Lasting Connections with the One You Love by Rich Rollins & Marty Trammell is a marital resource for young Christian readers who may or may not be struggling with their marriages. The authors argue that love—true romantic love that extends beyond “likes” and “friend requests,” and builds happy marriages—is harder to come by these days. Yet, while our world has changed rapidly in the last few decades, many of the common problems plaguing modern marriages remain the same. This means that the best educators of what it means to have a healthy marriage are still older married couples, like this book’s authors. As veterans of love (and war), Rollins and Trammell lay out the issues facing young couples today and offer solutions on topics like lack of communication, absence of trust, and failure to resolve conflict peaceably. For further education, the authors have built a website called, where readers can seek out articles and talks designed to help overcome everyday marital obstacles.

Though the book’s messaging makes it most appropriate for youngish, young, or just-married couples, its widely accessible topics and bite-size chapters hold wisdom for everyone. Love Lock is part of a growing trend of Christ-centered social science books tailored to Millennials, whose social-media mania has created a whole slew of problems that, after study, reveal themselves to be variations on issues that have been around since the advent of marriage itself. Rollins and Trammell do a great job of illuminating these issues, then presenting exercises and testimony that are designed to help maneuver couples out of problematic areas in their home lives. Ultimately, this is a solid, well-honed marriage guide that will aid readers in speaking from their hearts.

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