The Malcontent by Bomani Mawuli

malcontent★★★  The Malcontent by Bomani Mawuli is a novel that follows a man named John Black who finds himself a fugitive, running from the law because of his actions based strongly in the fact that he believes African Americans across the United States are being treated unfairly. The novel follows the continuing struggle of the black community, injustice, and racism that is still ever prevalent in the twenty-first century. John Black, the book’s main characters is one of the individuals who finds himself malcontent, wanting to act in order to bring about justice for his fellow African Americans. Working as a political activist for his cause, he quickly finds himself on the wrong side of the law, eventually becoming a wanted man who police are earnestly searching for. His wanted capture becomes a news story as the police try to find him. On the run, John finds support from his girlfriend and other friends. In the end, the narrative comes to a dramatic conclusion where John has to decide to either turn himself in, or keep running.

The subject of this novel is very relevant in today’s America, where it seems African Americans are constantly being targeted by the police and the media. They are treated unfairly, and often painted in a negative light that is not fair for their actual behavior. Mawuli has crafted a compelling, fast-paced story that follows a man on the verge: John Black. The reader will really feel for John and his struggle, and the pages will be turning quickly as we aim to see how everything will end up. The plot of the story is a strong one, but at times the writing is a bit awkward, and the reader is left wanting more. At only a little over one hundred pages, this story could definitely be expanded upon, with more backstory for the characters, and more depth to the narrative itself. Nevertheless, it is an engaging story about one man’s struggle as he fights for what he believes in.

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