Operation Clusterpuck: A B.S., Incorporated Novel by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss

★★★★★  Operation Clusterpuck: A B.S., Incorporated Novel, by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss marks the return of corporate characters Will Evans and Anna Reed as management change, company restructuring, and unforeseen disasters continue to rock the boat at Business Solutions (B.S.), Inc. When Ron and Jerry, company co-CEO’s are involved in an accident during a sweat lodge retreat, interim CEO Lyle Kirkland steps in to take control of a dodgy situation. The accident couldn’t have come at a worse time: with a joint venture just past the infancy stage and cyberhackers knocking down the company’s digital doors, B.S., Inc. is on decidedly shaky ground. Will and Anna must summon all of their PR wisdom to help assuage both company employees and investors alike. But Kirkland’s new plans for the business—like an express line in the cafeteria for executives—aren’t going over well with the team at large. And as new facts come to light, Will and Anna soon discover that Kirkland has been planning big things at Business Solutions for a while—things that can’t be remedied by a corporate memo.

Clusterpuck isn’t quite a sequel, so if you haven’t yet read the authors’ first book, don’t be put off. And if this is your first foray into B.S., Inc. territory, you’re in for a treat. The action borders on farcical, and at times you’ll ask yourself Could any of this really happen? But that’s the beauty of the book as well: By revealing the cobwebby crevices of corporate life, Rock and Voss show how even something as seemingly mundane as another day at the office can quickly turn into a scenario you’re more likely to see in a disaster movie. Further, Clusterpuck follows characters that demonstrate actual emotional growth over time, illustrating that while so many of us spend 40+ hours a week at the office, few are lucky enough to consider their coworkers ‘family.’