Out of Time by Abigail Dobbs

★★★★★   When you’re a teenager, the world feels like it doesn’t make sense and somehow, impossibly, you’re the only one who can see the injustices and inaccuracies. For Keira Sun, the feeling of not belonging is intense. She’s bullied, she’s failing math, her so-called friends keep hanging out without her, and her father just married a much younger woman. But when Keira is pulled into the city of Lana Ilu, everything finally starts to make sense. Of course she never felt like she belonged—because Keira is actually a time traveler. Keira’s world is turned upside down yet again when she discovers her assigned time period is the end of the world, and she only shares it with one other person, who happens to be the most evil person Lana Ilu has ever seen: Waldron Hawkridge.
Abigail Dobbs, a gifted worldbuilder, constructs the city of Lana Ilu as a series of different neighborhoods based on certain periods in timeDobbs, a teen herself, is a refreshing voice to read—unlike adults writing from the teenage point of view, she approaches Keira from a point of empathy that allows readers of all ages to sympathize with her plight. Her writing style is incredibly mature and stylized, reminiscent of Doctor Who at its best. Even though the setting and plot are densely described, the characterization of Keira and the people she meets isn’t pushed by the wayside. Dobbs works her magic to create well-rounded characters, places, and a plot that is so propulsive it’s difficult to put the novel down. Out of Time is sure to appeal to fans of Leigh Bardugo and Rick Riordan, as well as anyone who is hungry to discover a world beyond our own.