P.I. Foxx: Case File #7 by Gambol

★★★★    In P.I. Foxx: Case File #7 by Gambol, a veteran detective living in Chicago is served the hardest case of his career—taking down a Russian mobster. This sinister figure, Saber, has a hand in almost all of the local criminal activity, including sex trafficking and counterfeiting. In order to get close to Saber, Foxx assumes a secret identity named Lou Downz, a gambling expert, so he can track the flow of money and find Saber’s secret facility. As the trail picks up, Foxx meets a whole cast of dangerous characters, including an alluring but deadly dancer named Keisha, a pair of foreign beauties named Feniks and Raven, and a crime boss and club owner named Chi-Bear. Before the case is closed, Foxx will see his share of casino brawls, club-floor gunfights, and high-speed car chases. The big question is: Will he get out alive?

P.I. Foxx: Case File #7 is a riveting detective thriller that goes by far too quickly. Taking place over just a few short days, Gambol writes with a quick-fire quality that keeps the plot moving at a fast clip, bringing Foxx face-to-face with darker evils at every turn. It is a bit disappointing that Foxx doesn’t get to share any page time with his fiancé, Talia, because their relationship is such a driving force of the story. If anything, though, that just goes to show how palpable their chemistry is, and if readers are curious about the couple’s future, Gambol has one doozy of a cliffhanger in store for you…

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