Rantings of a Screaming Soul by Janet Rucker-Smith

★★★★   Rantings of a Screaming Soul: Healing Through Purposefully Random Self-Confrontation is author Janet Rucker-Smith’s story of starting over after she realized that every part of her was screaming for change. Janet worked for ten years as a high school English teacher, but her hectic schedule of workouts, teaching, and taking care of her children left no time to enjoy life. It felt like something was missing, and more than that, when she stopped to really listen to her inner voice it was screaming to be let of the cage Janet had constructed around it. When Janet began to acknowledge that inner voice—what she calls her “shadow-self”—she realized she no longer wanted to teach. Rantings of a Screaming Soul describes her yearlong journey toward self-acceptance after leaving everything she knew behind.

Starting with the book cover, readers will instantly be clued into the fact that Rucker-Smith’s self-help book isn’t like others out there. The author has a genuinely unique outlook on the necessity of lifelong learning, and how it encourages us to get to know ourselves better. Rucker-Smith argues that modern education has devalued the philosophy of the soul, offering a path toward financial gain but not one toward greater self-awareness. Further, she talks about how those negative feelings we all encounter throughout our day-to-day lives are the best indication that we need to change those very aspects of ourselves that cause us annoyance in other people. In the end, Rantings of a Screaming Soul draws power from darkness by inverting the negative qualities of the mind and employing them as tools toward a higher purpose.

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