Redirect by J.B. Millhollin

★★★★★  Redirect by J.B. Millhollin begins with the gruesome murder of a beautiful young woman.  The murderer is a necrophiliac who knows that he will eventually kill again.  Private Investigator Barrett Armstrong works and lives in Nashville, Tennessee, the same city where the murderer killed his victims.  When the woman that Armstrong is dating, legal secretary Layla Adams, is brutally murdered, Armstrong is left devastated—and without an alibi.  Because of two somewhat public arguments between Armstrong and Adams, the police feel that Armstrong is their prime suspect.  Private Investigator Kris Thompson met Barrett Armstrong before Layla Adams was murdered.  The two of them had some discussions about merging their businesses and becoming partners.  When Armstrong is tried for murder in the first degree, Thompson simply knows in her gut that Armstrong is innocent.  During the trial, Thompson puts her other work on hold and decides to do all that she can to help him.

Redirect is suspenseful and keeps the reader wondering about what will happen to Armstrong.  Kris Thompson seems to be the only person on Armstrong’s side, and the book is mostly about Thompson’s struggle to gather enough evidence to save him.  The lawyers on both sides of the trial each have a vested interest in seeing Armstrong get convicted, and the reader is left hoping that the jury will let Armstrong off and that Armstrong will prove his innocence.  There are characters in this book that the reader will love to hate, such as the prosecuting lawyer and his drug-addicted son.  Armstrong and Thompson, however, make a great team and the reader will want to see them succeed and find out what becomes of them.