12 Simple Steps to Loving Life by Robert Radcliffe


12A guide to help you make a positive change and improve your way of life, 12 Simple Steps to Loving Life by Robert Radcliffe is an easy to follow book that will bring you to a happier and more peaceful state of mind. The author was inspired to write this book after joining the AA program which helped turn his life around from a homeless juvenile delinquent to a successful businessman and author. In the introduction of the book, the author admits that while the steps in his process are simple, that does not necessarily mean they are easy. In order to affect a positive change in yourself, you are going to have to work for it. By using his 12 step process, you will be able to remove your negative character traits and work to improve the positive ones. The author includes personal anecdotes, his struggles, and successes as he explains each of the steps. This offers the reader to connect on a more personal level with the author, which makes the narrative readable and relatable.

While the book is easy to follow, we wish that instead of just heading each chapter as ‘Step 1’ or ‘Step 2’ the author actually highlighted what each step was in a more direct manner, by calling the step a certain title, or having one specific sentence that defined what he was trying to achieve with each step. The book is not overly long, and it contains just the right amount of information to ignite and inspire those readers who are looking for a more well balanced life. Since the author has gone through a lot of varied experiences, his ideas do hold a certain amount of weight, but as he is just an average man, they can only be taken so seriously. Another way to improve the book would to be add professional opinions from psychologists or doctors, to further boost Radcliffe’s claims. Nevertheless, this is a powerful book that many will find helpful.