13 Green Dragons by Allan A. Lobeck

four stars

dragons13 Green Dragons by Allan A. Lobeck is a dramatic and moving tale about heroism and death in the Vietnam War. Based on real life battle situations of the author, the story of General Marshall Rooker is told as he first arrives in Vietnam and continues throughout his many missions while he is stationed there. Rooker, known as MC 36, quickly finds that he is skilled at leadership and adjusts to making split-second decisions with the lives of many soldiers depending on his abilities. With too little time for rest, MC 36 and his platoon have several successes with very few casualties, killing hundreds of Viet Cong soldiers along the way. Rooker is promoted twice in a short period of time because of his valiant leadership and asked to lead two different covert missions to rescue prisoners from camps in Cambodia. These missions were extremely high-risk, and amazingly Rooker and his men, known as Marshall’s Marauders, are able to complete them with better results than they could have hoped for. All of the prisoners were rescued and Marshall’s Marauders escaped with only a handful dead and few wounded.

The book 13 Green Dragons gives the reader an insider’s perspective on the daily life of the soldiers in Vietnam, as well as showing the atrocities and the gruesome nature of combat. As the days overseas go by for the main character and his men, their victories and heroism keep the reader looking forward to learning what will happen to them next and hoping that they will survive the dangerous tasks laid out before them. It is a wonderful story about a great leader who remains humble despite his triumphs, and returns home to his family and a new life as a decorated war hero.

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