A Book About Nothing by Chris Passey

A collection of over two hundred poems, Chris Passey’s A Book About Nothing is anything but what the title claims it to be. In the beginning of this work, the poet introduces us to their writing style by explaining that the poems included within these pages will come across to the reader as a journey of dreams, shifting from darkness to light. By exploring what poetry in itself means, the poet shares ideas about how this written form can affect people in a variety of meaningful ways. The author claims the book is part poetry, and part self-help, and this rings true through the variety of content included, as the writer claims such things like ‘Poetry could not exist if love did not exist.’ This in itself is a very powerful statement, that goes to show the kind of work constructed in this collection. The poems are broken down into five sections, including ‘Talking Too Much,’ ‘Love,’ ‘Dreamscapes,’ ‘Darkness,’ and ‘Light.’ The poems that fall under each section share similar themes, but since Passey has the ability to discuss all topics in an equally eventful and moving way, the philosophical notions that are pondered upon throughout the book all ring true, letting the reader experience the words that have been bounded together.

Bursting at the seams with content, A Book About Nothing offers a little bit of everything for those who are interested in poetry. By compiling so much work into one collection, you can really see all of the different shades of Passey’s writing. At times, since there is so much included here, the book can become a bit overwhelming to digest, but it is apparent that Passey is passionate about this work, as the poet’s fervor comes across on the page. This is a superb collection for anyone who is interested in really getting lost amongst a giant field of written words.