A Couple’s Cross-Country Road Trip Journal by Lorenzo and Sylvia Harris

A Couple’s Cross-Country Road Trip Journal

by Lorenzo and Sylvia Harris

On a road trip across the United States, Lorenzo Harris, and his wife Sylvia Harris visited twenty-four different states in the span of just eighteen days. The resulting book that they began working on while they were traveling, ‘A Couple’s Cross-Country Road Trip Journal,’ tells about their first hand experiences visiting the multiple locales they decided upon. Starting their journey on June 4th, 2013, the couple left their home in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia to head to their destination of Montana, while stopping along the way to witness all they could see. Stopping in places like New Orleans, El Paso, Los Angeles, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Yellowstone National Park, both North and South Dakota, and Little Rock, just to name a few, the reader has the chance to recount the road trip taken by this husband and wife, as if they too are along for the ride.

This account is just short of 100 pages, so it is a very quick and easy read. The cover is beautiful and the colored photographs included at the end of the narrative add a nice touch to the journal entries. While most of the entries are short, they are still filled with nice details. It’s interesting to read about how the couple experienced normal road trip occurrences, such as fear of running out of gas, and stopping at an antique shop along the road. This book reads more like a journal than a memoir, so at times there are slow parts, but regardless, it is inspiring to read about how Lorenzo and Sylvia followed their dreams to go on this road trip they had been thinking about for so long. It would be nice if there was a map in the book that showed the route they took, but nevertheless, after reading this travel journal, you’ll feel as if you know the way.

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