A Digital Carol by Adolphus Writer


A Digital Carol is a modern day twist on Charles Dickens’ extremely popular story, A Christmas Carol. Adolphus Writer attempted to take Dickens’ story and transform it into a story that fits a digital world. He tells a tale of Eliz Benjamin Ezer, a man solely focused on gaining more and more acquisitions of companies and properties. Writer has Ezer have a right-hand man, Rob Cratchit, whom he treats like a lowly, slave-like employee just as Scrooge treated his employee, Bob Cratchit. In A Digital Carol, it seems that Ezer doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions. Of course, he ends up facing his old partner Marley, but this time he isn’t a ghost. Rather he is some sort of computerized digitization. It seems as though Writer’s story is exceptionally similar to Dickens’, but you will be surprised by the interesting twists and turns that come about with a futuristic feel.

Adolphus Writer has a unique concept in rewriting the basic storyline of Dickens’ famous tale with futurist twists. However, A Digital Carol starts off rather slow. The character and scene descriptions lack excitement. It was a challenge to develop an image in my mind’s eye of the scenes and of Writer’s characters. The initial plot was so like Charles Dickens’ story that my mind tried to recreate those scenes in my mind instead of the modern day story that is A Digital Carol. If one can get far enough into the story to discover the vast differences, then he or she just may enjoy this inventive distortion on a famous story.

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