A Life Worth Living by Valerie Garland


A Life Worth Living by Valerie Garland is a collection of spiritual stories and anecdotes that reflect the love, power, and compassion of Jesus Christ. Full of scripture passages that relate to what the author is reflecting on in her own words, Garland has put together a book that is full of praise and devotion to the wonders of God and his one begotten son. The author tells the reader about her own life as a wife and mother, the triumphs and tribulations she has undergone, and how her strong faith has gotten her through the difficulties we sometimes face in life. Garland explores the power of faith, prayer, prophecy, and even dreams. Coming in at only around fifty pages, this is a quick religious read that followers of the Christian faith will find appealing.

This book is extremely religious in nature, and would most appeal to those who are devout Christians, or to someone who is feeling lost in their life, and looking for the guidance offered by the church and through the unending love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Many of the passages in this book read as sermons or homilies, with the author showcasing her beliefs in the Lord, and how this belief has given her strength.  Due to the very powerful proclamations the author makes, this book is probably not for everyone, and may turn off readers who are not already followers of Christ. We’d recommend this more for those who are already avid believers in Christian principles and ideals.

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