A Mind Set on Yoga by A.L. Chaviano


yogaYogi A.L. Chaviano sets out to enrich the mindsets and the states of enlightenment in readers through his text A Mind Set on Yoga. Alternating profound religious and philosophical statements with explanatory notes expounding upon their meanings, Chaviano proffers his personal understanding of the Self and the nature of the universe in short segments of complex topics. Chaviano primarily makes use of Hinduist teachings in his discussions of humanity and the world, pulling from conversations between Krishna and Arjuna, deities worshipped differently across different Hindu traditions. The book also draws from non-Hindu teachings, including Christian scriptures, Tai Chi practices, and the Islamic Quran, creating an intricate balance between different philosophical practices that truly demonstrates the idea of many paths to one enlightenment.

The idea of A Mind Set on Yoga is a profound and admirable one, and Chaviano’s attempt to extrapolate meanings from an extensive list of deep statements is to be applauded. However, even from the first, understanding his explanations will be a struggle for both the initiated and the uninitiated in tangled philosophical dialogue. Readers looking to understand yoga and yoga practices in the form of physical or mindfulness exercises will be disappointed to find that this is instead a text that centers on Hindu teachings about the universe. Many intriguing and multifaceted statements exist relatively unexplained in the text, leaving much to be desired as far as comprehending and applying Chaviano’s techniques goes. There is a great amount said, but perhaps a small amount thoroughly explained. A Mind Set on Yoga represents a monumental effort to put profound spiritual practices regarding the self into words, an effort which may or may not see success in the eyes of its readers.

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