A Moment of Time by Jilaine Tarisa

momentA Moment of Time by Jilaine Tarisa is a novel that combines elements of the investigative thriller, medical mystery, and relationship drama. We follow Justice Department attorney Caitlin Rose as she investigates a vaccine preservative that appears to be having negative affects on the children it is administered to. To make matters more complicated, her boss, Neil Morton, has personal interests tied to the drug, as he’s been lobbying on behalf of this very pharmaceutical company behind the scenes. With the drive and fire that her reporter mother instilled within her, Caitlin is determined to find out the truth, no matter what the cost. Eventually, Caitlin is pressured into traveling to Ireland, where she meets up with her old friend Kimo, and it’s not long before she is forced to re-evaluate her life, as she contemplates her understanding of religion and the world at large. 

At nearly five hundred pages, A Moment in Time is certainly not a short book, and Tarisa covers a great deal of topics, as her heroine Caitlin traipses through the uncertainties of womanhood. The central plot has a lot to grab the reader’s attention, but there are many parts that are rather dense when it comes to the sections about sermons and world religions. We found the parts that focused more on Caitlin herself and her journey for justice to be the most intriguing, as she was a protagonist that we feel many women will be able to relate with. She has complicated relationships with men, is often unsure of her self and her motives, but always strives for what she believes is right. If you are looking for a book that covers a lot of ground and builds up a strong female main character, then this could certainly be the book for you.

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