A Patch of Blue by Sharon Mikeworth


A Patch of Blue, written by Sharon Mikeworth, is an adventure-filled, enticing novel that is sure to attract readers of all ages and interests.  Protagonist Carrie Sinclair’s story begins when she follows her husband of sixteen years (along with a mysterious blonde) to a motel room one afternoon, finding something that will change her life forever.  After discovering her husband has cheated, Carrie decides to take advantage of both her newfound freedom and her two sons’ summer plans, and embarks on a two-week journey to an island resort in Fiji.  While out on a day trip to snorkel in the open ocean, Carrie finds herself overboard on the return trip, without a soul to have noticed her disappearance.  What follows her open sea experience is an adventure in itself, and she finds that she must face demons of many forms: predators, physical exhaustion, dehydration, and, most importantly, her own thoughts.  A Patch of Blue is a story that tackles adventure, a budding romance, and the struggles of marriage, family, and relationships – truly a novel with something for everyone.

Sharon Mikeworth created a novel in A Patch of Blue that fosters the “can’t-put-down” feeling that all authors yearn to achieve.  The novel opens with Carrie’s discovery of her husband’s infidelity, quickly throwing readers into the action and the reeling thoughts of its protagonist.  When Carrie is thrown overboard and lost at sea for days, the writing keeps the attention with the worry of what will become of the life of our leading lady.  During Carrie’s stay on the island, Mikeworth handles the narration of the events with a realistic voice of what would likely happen to the average person if put into Carrie’s situation.  Carrie learns to survive based on her knowledge of modern TV shows, along with the common knowledge learned regarding basic survival skills. As Carrie’s time after her rescue unfolds, readers are able to experience what it must feel like on the other side of so many similar stories that are on the news today: an initial ignorance of the widespread story, the inevitable necessity of escape from the media with their bombardment of questions, and the shock after a sudden appearance in the spotlight.  Sharon Mikeworth’s story is one that will stick with readers long after finishing, providing astonishment at the probability, along with inspiration from the perseverance of Carrie Sinclair.

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