A Perfect Start by Genelle Coleman

This steamy piece of short-form fiction centers on the budding romance between Georgia Jacobz, a recent college graduate who works at a child care center, and her coworker, Scott, a handsome, seemingly unattainable man who also happens to be a private investigator.  After more than six months of working together – and ignoring each other completely – Scott asks Georgia out on a date, and she readily accepts.  Soon, though, suspicion wins out and Georgia confronts Scott about his real motives in dating her.  After all, why would Scott suddenly decide to ask Georgia on a date after working with her for over half a year?  He reveals that he is a private investigator hired by Georgia’s mother to investigate a possible threat to her life.  At college, Georgia had a brief, albeit deeply dissatisfying relationship with a young man named Josh, who turned out to be secretly videotaping the couple during their sexual encounters together.  Georgia exacted her revenge, embarrassing Josh in front of his friends before breaking of their relationship altogether.  Now, Scott believes that Josh may be responsible for sending a threatening photograph of Georgia to her own mother.  Together the fledgling couple digs into the past and attempts to track down Georgia’s ex-boyfriend, all the while exploring each new sexual and emotional aspect of their blossoming relationship with each other.

Genelle Coleman’s “A Perfect Start” is a fun, easy read that would be perfect for passing time at the beach or on a sun-dappled park bench.  Coleman captures perfectly in her story the awkwardness and excitement that marks the beginning of most new romances, and her protagonist, Georgia, is a lovable blend of humor, sarcasm, and modesty.  Not to mention that the erotic scenes between Georgia and Scott are on par – and perhaps even surpass – much of what you’ll find in modern romantic fiction.