A Practical Guide to My China by John Sun


chinaAn informative, well-organized, and easy to follow travel guide, A Practical Guide to My China: How to Enjoy Traveling in Paradise and Avoid Travel Hell by John Sun is the perfect companion book for anyone who is planning on visiting the Chinese nation. Since the author was born in China, and has since returned multiple times to visit his homeland, he is very well versed in all aspects of the country. While the book is geared towards Westerners, it would be helpful for anyone who plans to visit Asia’s largest country. The introduction of the book gives a brief overview of the country, as well as helpful hints on how to best use the book. It details top cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, and top destinations like the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, and Three Gorges Dam, just to name a few. In following sections, Sun describes the culture and customs of the nation, how to best plan your trip, the kind of cuisine and dining you can expect, how to set a budget for your trip, and other essential information deemed necessary that travelers should be aware of.

There are so many travel books out there, but what really makes this book special is the fact that it was written by a normal man, a traveler who is very familiar with the country he is discussing, thereby making the book accessible for the average traveler. With many black and white photographs, maps, and tables, there are additional ways for the reader to become acquainted with what they can expect in China. The way the book is set up makes it easy to understand the country step by step, first getting an idea of the major cities and attractions, and then delving more into the details of Chinese customs, and what travelers can expect in regards to hotels, restaurants, parks, and even what the prices of certain items will be. Sun gives helpful hints on transportation, and ways to stay healthy and safe while traveling in China. Throughout the book Chinese words and even Chinese characters are used, making the reader familiar with the language they experience while visiting this wonderful country. All in all this is a wonderful travel book, written by someone who knows the country thoroughly, with great advice on how to best experience the nation.

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