A Practical Philosophy of External Mindfulness by J. Casey


A Practical Philosophy of External Mindfulness: 360 Days of Daily Practice is a book written by J. Casey that asks the reader to find a sense of inner harmony by stepping away from one’s self and their own personal issues, to focus on the larger picture, which is the world that surrounds us all. As Casey states in her preface, the number 360 was selected as the number of days due to the belief of ancient cultures that this was the amount of days in a year, and for the 360 degrees that exist in a full circle, bringing about a certain sense of balance to our reality. Original designed symbols are used throughout the book to represent the different ideals of external mindfulness in a tangible form. As Casey explains, mindfulness is a self-awareness of the self alone, while external mindfulness is an openness an individual achieves when they are more attuned to those around them, and how the world works in all of its intricate parts. The ability to obtain this realm of higher thought is not necessarily easy to achieve however, but that is where this book comes in, as J. Casey offers examples and personal experiences to help enlighten the reader about this philosophy.

Although this may sound like a confusing and difficult topic to understand, J. Casey presents external mindfulness in an easy to follow manner that is organized into a book that is an enjoyable read. For most of the book, she offers ideas and personal moments of her own life, and then follows them with a section of ‘Higher Thought’ that ties this topic back to the main goals of external mindfulness. While at times the overall philosophy of obtaining this plateau of inner and outer peace may seem somewhat vague and unclear, ultimately, author J. Casey succeeds at introducing and explaining the topic to the average reader in a manner that is easy to digest.

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