A Seed for the Harvest by Greg M. Dodd

four stars

seedA tale of one man’s journey to find Christ in a more meaningful way, A Seed for the Harvest is an inspiring piece of Christian fiction. The narrative follows Jon Smoak, a man who has been going through the motions of following the teachings of Jesus Christ, but without much rhyme or reason. He has a Bible by his bed, and goes to church regularly, but he often finds himself wondering why he is here, living his life in the way which he so chooses. He decides to make a change, and seek out God in a more direct way, so that his daily life becomes a much more meaningful path of righteousness. Along his journey, he comes to meet many others whose advice and generosity helps guide him in a multitude of ways.

This book does a good job of explaining the gospel through the eyes of one relatable man. As we follow Jon on his journey to build a better relationship with Christ, we are reminded why Jesus died for our sins in the first place. While the narrative is very religious in tone, it also does a good job at reaching out to those readers who may not be as familiar with Christianity. Therefore, this works as a story that could entertain both believers, and those who are searching for a closer relationship with God. By presenting many engaging and original characters on the page, we are given many glimpses of people who have been influenced by profound sorrow, joy, good fortune, and heartbreak. This is the kind of narrative that offers hope, and redemption.

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