A Shadow of the Light by Teto Peck

Teto Peck creates an intriguing thriller filled with both sides of magical and spiritual powers. In A Shadow of the Light, the reader will discover cruelty dealt out by sorcerers and royalty, alike, in an effort to maintain control and escape from one’s own fears. There are also commands handed down by powerful spirits, and these commands must be abided by if the world is to be saved. A desperate search for the truth and for innocence ensues from both sides, but what is real? And, what is only a trick? As the White Fairy in the story says, “…what we think is reality is really an illusion hiding the truth.” Family bonds are strong enough to save one’s soul, but being bound to the law can force one to sentence his or her own family to face the executioner. As the reader immerses him/herself into A Shadow of the Light, suspense will grip the throat and make the heart race while the mind spins with possibilities.

It is easy to envision the different characters and scenes in A Shadow of the Light as Peck does a very nice job of offering the reader colorful descriptions. Peck boldly guides the reader’s imagination through graphic details of the physical traits, emotional characteristics, and enhances one’s visual, auditory and olfactory senses almost to the point of moving beyond the story only being in the thoughts of the reader. With fanciful resourcefulness, the author creates an opportunity for the reader to see, hear and smell each scene as if it were happening in his/her own reality. This fascinating and magical tale is not one to be missed.

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