A Simple Idea to Empower Kids by Kathleen Boucher


Kathleen Boucher has written a positive and self-affirmative children’s book called A Simple Idea to Empower Kids that focuses on the power of love and how every child is special. Before you even open this book, you are offered an all-inclusive vision of the world, as the cover image shows smiling children hand in hand from different places across the globe surrounding the world in happiness. The narrator explains that love is the greatest power on earth, and that with it, children can accomplish anything they wish to. They have the power to choose, and be themselves, no matter what happens. As the narrator tells the reader, they are unique and special, there will only ever be one of them on this earth. With belief and faith in the positivity that is bursting out of this book, the children who read, or are read this story will feel happy and celebrated.

The tone of this children’s book is extremely positive, and would be sure to delight any child, especially if they are feeling down on themselves for any reason. The colorful illustrations are intriguing and fit well with the text, offering depictions of all different kinds of children, showing that everyone is capable of happiness if they focus on the love, and the power to choose their own destiny. Although the message of this book may seem a bit profound and philosophical, Kathleen Boucher has made the message simple and easy for children to understand. Not only is this book offering a great message for children to digest, it is also fun and playful too!

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