A Snail Named Slick by Frank Reed and Aleta Reed

A colorful and delightful story about a young green snail, A Snail Named Slick by Frank and Aleta Reed is a charming book about insects and where they belong in the world. Slick is a snail who is separated from his family and finds himself in the garden of an older man named Frank. He has to hide from Frank in fear of being discarded, so he munches on the plants in the garden in the dark of night. Frank’s daughter Lee often visits the balcony where Slick lives, and the snail enjoys hearing the stories that daughter and father share together. Eventually, Frank finds Slick and throws him over the edge of his balcony, since the snail has been eating his plants. Slick survives the fall, and befriends a lovely ladybug by the name of Lollie. It’s not long before Slick is reunited with other members of his snail family, and he sees Frank and Lee off in the distance. Thus, everyone finds a certain sense of harmony at the conclusion of this cute tale.

The inspiration for this story comes from the real life scenario between father and daughter that mirrors Slick’s dilemma between the characters of Frank and Lee. The illustrations in the book are beautiful and eye-catching, and they accentuate the narrative perfectly. The story flows in an enjoyable and entertaining way, never offering a dull moment for the children who are sure to love this tale. The story ends in a happy way, but it is open ended, so there could even be a sequel depicting more of Slick’s adventures. This is a straightforward and entertaining book for young children to read with their parents.

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