A Tunnel of Vision by Christopher Dean


bisionChristopher Dean’s A Tunnel of Vision is a candid account of a life defined by the increasing darkness, both literal and figurative, caused by choroideremia. After a brief introduction, Dean opens his story with a catalogue of medical terminology intended to make the tale accessible to all, whether medical professional or layperson. Dean takes readers on a journey through the fear of impending blindness and painful personal struggles he faced since his diagnosis with the degenerative retinal disease as a young teen. Prejudice and lack of understanding surrounding his “inability” have made Dean an advocate for diversity and tolerance, a message he boldly shares through this forthright retelling of his medical, marital, professional, and emotional trials.

A Tunnel of Vision has opened our eyes to the struggles of those whose eyes fail them and the far-reaching devastation of such a condition. Although the anecdotes are brief, Dean manages to give readers an authentic perspective on his life and a personal connection to his story. Dean’s brave and completely honest account of his struggles is admirable, especially in light of the message he shares. While the sentiment is a bit heavy-handed at times, the unflinching promotion of inclusion is timely message that rings true in this modern era of discrimination.

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