ABC Club by Sunny W

ABC Club: End of an Era by Sunny W

four stars

abc clubPart memoir, part non-fiction account, ABC Club: End of an Era by Sunny W tells the story of a rehabilitation center that changed the life of a great number of addicts and alcoholics for the better. The book opens by explaining why the author wanted to write a book about the ABC Club, as the center, and the people who operated it, changed her life for the better by helping her recover from her addictions. The book opens with a number of short chapters, as the history of the center is explained in the beginning of the narrative, and readers get to know Danny and Helen Leahy who ran and operated the center for over thirty-five years. We learn about the life and struggles of the author, Sunny W, and how she ended up at the ABC Club. This background information is helpful to paint a full picture of the center and what it offered to the people who sought out help there. The majority of the book however is composed of interviews with hundreds of individuals who attended the club, their personal stories, and how it changed their lives in short accounts. Through these interviews we get to see all different kinds of drug and alcohol addictions, and how Danny and Helen helped these people find a better place in life.

One of the best things about this book is how it covers so many different kinds of stories, from the voices of the people who actually went to the ABC Club for help. Although Sunny W is the author, and the book starts with her story and experiences at the ABC Club, a fuller picture is painted as we continuously learn more and more about the experiences of so many individuals who went there. It is almost like a yearbook of those who came to Danny and Helen for assistance and guidance. While the book is intriguing and interesting for all that it offers, it is likely that it would appeal mostly to those who are familiar with the ABC Club, or struggled with their own drug or alcohol issues. Nevertheless, it is clear that the author put a great time of effort into the book, conducting and organizing so many interviews and sharing them in a well-organized narrative.

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