Acceptance by Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo

Acceptance by Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo starts off with a woman in distress, who has been jilted by a former lover by the name of Richard. Although she is upset, she proclaims that “Acceptance exists at the core of our being. It is our default status. In order to reach this base level of acceptance, one need only remove the items lying on top. To do this, we must first identify all the things we do not accept around us. Then, one by one, eliminate them.” The main character, the woman who is at the core of this tale of romance gone wrong is Eva, the London born daughter of refugees from Nigeria. She meets Richard while she is at university, and decides that he is the love of her life. Unfortunately for them both, although their love is seemingly full of so much hope and prosperity, the actions that they both undertake lead them down a path of uncertainty.

The love story that unfolds in Ojoye-Adebayo’s novel is one that is painted in a realistic and heartbreaking way. She thoroughly describes all of the emotions one goes through while falling in and out of love in a realistic manner. The reader will feel the emotions that Eva is going through every time something dramatic happens between her and Richard, as the words chosen elicit out a connection between the characters and their stories that are written on the page. As the main character, Eva is fully imagined, and her desire to be loved and accepted rings true. This novel is both insightful and unsettling. The pages will turn quickly by, and in the end, this story may just make the reader contemplate the true effects of how our feelings can overtake us.

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