Access Your Inner Power by Brenda Schnable

Access Your Inner Power: Awakening Your Health and Vitality
by Brenda Schnable

four stars

A helpful and informative guide that explains how yoga can benefit the body and mind, Access Your Inner Power: Awakening Your Health and Vitality by Brenda Schnable is sure to be a hit with anyone who enjoys practicing yoga. Through the well explained examples and topics covered through the text she has written, as well as the multiple photographs, diagrams, and tables that are included throughout the book, Schnable has constructed an easy to follow guide that will bring readers balance to their lives by using the techniques described here. By using Qi Infused Yoga (which also happens to be the title of Schnable’s other fabulous book about yoga practices) those who practice this form of exercise can ease common ailments such as stress, headaches, anxiety, sleeping problems, digestive issues, and even back pain. Readers will become familiar with terms like chakra, kapha, mudras, and more, all which will assist in learning about how to perfect this practice.

As a yoga therapist, Schnable is clearly a very experienced teacher in the techniques and practices she describes within her book. By keeping the structure of the book organized and easy to follow, even a yoga amateur will benefit from reading the information that she has provided within these pages. Yoga is helpful in terms of a person’s health, fluidity, state of mind, and general well being. The author is obviously very passionate about her craft, and through Access Your Inner Power she demonstrates how it is possible to awaken the wisdom all of our bodies hold.

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