Accused by Rebecca Noel


accusedAccused, an autobiographical self-help book from Rebecca Noel, explores the question of what it means to be accused. Noel found herself a victim of false accusations by fellow church members, a struggle she shares with the reader. As a victim of bullying, Noel credits her faith and the power of prayer as the reasons she was able to eventually rise above her accusers. Drawing on her personal experiences, she reminds the reader that false accusations often come from a place of insecurity and fear. Once you acknowledge that their words hold no power over you, you’ve won the battle. Citing scripture and personal encounters with accusers, Noel explores the Biblical reasons she believes people choose to accuse and, as a victim of their falsehoods, what you should do next.

Although an interesting premise and clearly written from the heart, Accused reads more as a disjointed memoir than a practical self-help book. Noel’s jumbled writing style is distracting and grammatical errors tend to take away from the finer points she makes about overcoming negativity and hatred in your life. Furthermore, with her use of so many vague examples, it can be difficult to discern if she is addressing the reader’s experiences or her own. The line between hypothetical and actual events is often blurry and confusing, which further complicates the already confusing plot. Still, Noel’s stalwart faith in the face of such accusations is inspiring and her ultimate choice to rise above petty hatred is certainly something worth emulating.

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