Adara by M J Natali

Adara—I Gave My Heart to the Reaper by M J Natali

four stars

adaraIn the wrong place at the wrong time, Adara—a lead singer in a band—is one in a series of women who is viciously beaten, stabbed, and raped. Coming to her rescue is a Rogue Reaper simply named Grimm. Adara and Grimm fall in love. But because he is an angel, Grimm can only have contact with her through a host body, or when Adara is spirited into the Between Realm. Grimm’s contact with a human creates an ill-fated domino effect in the heavenly realm as more and more Rogue Reapers are following their desires rather than crossing souls to their final destinations. It only gets worse when Adara and Grimm decide to marry, especially when Adara is assaulted a second time by the same attackers.

Marina J. Natali scripts a twisted Romeo-Juliet love story in her second novel. Unique to Natali’s dark fantasy are various literary elements. Written in first person, Natali’s plot features Adara, a young woman whose life drastically changes when she falls in love with a supernatural being. Natali builds her main character by surrounding her with a well-defined foiled cast. While a clichéd concept in fantasy settings, Natali brightens up her plot by using a narrative monologue, engaging readers from the get-go. As Adara relays her story, she periodically speaks directly to her audience, many times apologizing for getting ahead of herself and then backtracking to offer more narrative details. Natali also keeps her dark narrative balanced by including plenty of steamy scenes and sprinkling light bantering within sections of dialogue while weaving in spiritual themes of love, forgiveness, and healing amid a flurry of terrestrial and celestial tension. An intriguing read well suited for romance, erotica, and fantasy enthusiasts.

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