Ancient Echoes by Loretta May Holmes

51P48tBITvL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_In the very distant past, there exist two nations with ideals that are at complete odds with each other.  In the land called “Lemuria,” people live in complete harmony with each other.  There is no discord, no hatred, no greed – truly, it is paradise.  The kindest and most popular inhabitants of Lemuria is Anna, a young woman with two pet dogs named Punkin and Patches.  Her closest friend, Anunnaki, comes a different planet, and has asked Anna for her help in staving off the planet’s impending destruction, the specifics of which Anunnaki is not at liberty to disclose.  What he also can’t tell Anna is that this has all happened before.  For eons, our species has lived in a series of cycles, fall and rise, fall and rise, though humans are none the wiser.  Anunnaki believes it is his duty to help Anna and her people break the cycle and find true peace.  On the opposite side of the world, in the fabled city of Atlantis, there lives a brilliant and handsome young man named Charles.  His brother, Trent, deeply resents Charles’s success and has created a time machine that he intends to use to whisk Charles into the far future.  But fate intervenes, and Charles wakes up in Lemuria, where he meets Anna.  At odds, the pair initial rankles, but they soon develop an ineluctable bond.  Together, they search for answers about the planet’s coming destruction.  Is there any way to prevent it?

Ancient Echoes is a fun and deeply imaginative science fiction novel that hums with heart, thoughtful insight into the human condition, and suspense.  Holmes has created here a unique premise that takes a careful look at what makes us human and how, in the end, many of our habits and desires will contribute to our very undoing.  Beyond that, this is a story of redemption that illustrates the fact that it is never too late to change.  All one needs is a proper push and an open heart.

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