Aphrodisiac: Scorpio Season by Dyme Taylor 


Aphrodisiac: Scorpio Season is a collection of eight poems by Dyme Taylor that are dedicated to the double standards in today’s society. From this dedication alone, it is clear that Taylor has a message to deliver through her written words. Right from the start, the first poem ‘Open Letter’ has a gritty, raw, and real appeal to it, as the narrator discusses sex, poetry, and how she’s feeling. Coupled with colorful and what most would consider scandalous illustrations, this is not a collection for the light at heart. Through the words and the images, there is a strong sense of female empowerment through the suffering of women who have come before. Taylor, the poet, is clearly trying to deliver a message through these poetic pieces. ‘Damaged Goods’ explains how society has kept the narrator downtrodden and messed up her perceptions, ‘Queen Gypsy’ is sexual, liberating, and holds nothing back about the feminine mystical allure. While ‘Vanity Slave,’ ‘Devil’s Hour,’ ‘Kushnhenn,’ and ‘I Love U 2 Death’ fill out the middle of the collection with verbosity and strong messages, the final poem ‘Soulmate’ ends on a more somber, reflective note.

While this is not a very long collection, it pacts a powerful punch. Poet Dyme Taylor uses words in such a way that every one counts, not letting the reader shy away from the difficult topics or the reality of how certain people feel in society. The illustrations bring these issues to life, and they perfectly fit alongside the dark overtones of most of the poems that are found here. While this could be easily classified as urban poetry, it is so much more than that. It’s something to read and reflect upon, as we wonder why women are treated and objectified in such ways as explained so artistically here.