Around the World with Littlest Cat: Across the Great Pond by Suki R. Kaplan

Around the World with Littlest Cat: Across the Great Pond is an endearing and informative children’s book written by Suki R. Kaplan. The story follows Littlest Cat, a playful, brave, and curious cat, as she travels from Connecticut to London, England. Through her adventures, Littlest Cat teaches the children who read the story about the different sites in England, which lies across the pond from the United States. On her journey Littlest Cat even gets to visit the Queen! Her owner, Shelley follows a trail of kibble to find Littlest Cat and bring her back home. Even though she finds her, eventually Shelley has to return home, and Littlest Cat disappears again before she can be taken back to the US. When Shelley is back in the States, she receives correspondence, and finds out that Littlest Cat is exploring further, traveling to Ireland and Scotland too. In the end, Shelley wonders if Littlest Cat will soon come home, or travel to a whole new country next.

This book succeeds in a variety of ways, the foremost being that it teaches children about geography, culture, and history in an engaging and instructive way. The book is full of interactive pages, ranging from mazes, word searches, and places to draw. The illustrations are well done and help to accentuate the story telling. The only way the artwork could be strengthened is if it were in color, but since it is so well done, the black and white does not subtract much from the overall appearance of the book. The book is left open-ended and we hope that Kaplan decides to write more books in the series, as this is truly a great idea for a book, and children are sure to enjoy Littlest Cat’s adventures and all of the fun activities included inside of the book that accompany her journeys.

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