Artist Not Dead by Ron Nepomuceno

nepoFrom the very beginning, Artist Not Dead by Ron Nepomuceno is the kind of book that grabs your attention. The first chapter is filled with thought-provoking images delivered with word choices that make the reader’s mind wander further into the story that is being told on the page. What this memoir does so successfully is blend together multiple different writing styles in order to get the most pertinent messages across.  By mixing in anecdotes, personal stories, poems, and life lessons, Nepomuceno causes the reader to reflect on their own experiences, as he in turn writes about his own triumphs and hardships as he continues on through his journey, refusing to let his terminal diagnosis of ALS slow him down. Throughout the entire book, Nepomuceno brings up pop culture references in the form of songs, celebrities, quotes, and so much more.

Although this book is filled with such a great amount of content, varying in form and style, the reason it all works together so well is because Nepomuceno has the ability to interweave stories from his own life into the fray so effortlessly. Whether it be tales about his travels, reflections on art, or even reflections about his personal relationships, he uses these memories to accentuate the lessons and offerings his philosophical mind has dreamed up. It’s true that at its core, Artist Not Dead is a memoir, but due to the originality contained within its pages, the reading experience it offers up is so much more than just the story of one man’s life.

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